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About US

WE EMPLOY MORE THAN 180 PROFESSIONALS – mainly in technical professions

We are Slovaks who founded a Dutch company in 2016, because we no longer enjoyed doing “matchmakers” for Dutch agencies, who have very limited control and opportunities to influence the quality of accommodation, salary, project length and many other things that matter a lot. We have decided to take full responsibility for where and under what conditions we send you for work.

After 14 years of experience in the Dutch labor market, we know that in addition to the client’s skills, the personality, motivation and approach to work of the person he is hiring will also be important. Therefore, when choosing people, we are guided not only by reason, but also by heart and intuition. We also proceed in selecting the companies we work with. For us, both sides are equal.

We specialize in the Dutch market because the culture of work and people in the Netherlands is similar to ours. We orient and cooperate with companies in the areas – metalworking (CNC), welding, piping, water-air installations, fire protection systems, electrical installations and partly the construction sector – mainly for industry. We are proud of the knowledge and skills, especially of Slovaks, Czechs and Hungarians, and that is why the vast majority of our team consists of employees from these countries, because their culture, motivation, decency and professionalism at work have proved their worth. The goal of our company is clear. Satisfaction of employees and clients, stability of work, correct relations and decent communication.

The low turnover of employees and the satisfaction of the companies we work with tell us that our efforts and the path we are taking are the right one.

Mutual satisfaction

Stable, long-term projects, with only selected, serious and verified companies.

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