Frequently Asked Questions


Our advertisements are never fake to complete the database of candidates. Behind every single ad is real positions and projects – we never promise unrealistic conditions and semi-delusions.

Because we have chosen to be subject to the Dutch authorities, to Dutch law, to show that we have nothing to hide and our actions are closely monitored by the Dutch authorities.

Because we have relationships with our clients and since 2016 we have been working on more than 463 projects throughout the Netherlands.

Because with us you always get relevant answers to relevant questions.

Because we have a 13-member team composed of different nationalities and on a daily basis we make sure that everything is in agreement with you and we do not send you into the unknown.

Because we have no debts and do not lie – our corporate culture is based on fair dealing in all circumstances and towards everyone.

Because it is in your interest to entrust yourself to someone knowledgeable and experienced and not to “matchmakers”, who in the vast majority do not have control or knowledge of the work they “provide” you.


Qualified and independent professionals who know how to appreciate the opportunity and service we offer. About those who want to improve, make new certifications that will make a good name for Eastern Central Europeans.

About decent people who are looking for fairness and don’t want to waste time with amateurs.

We avoid speculators, liars and lighters. If they find such, they won’t warm up with us for a long time – they just don’t smell like us. We will know them quite quickly and we do not give a second chance because we are deceived only once.


You are an employee of Fareon and you work on a Dutch contract or project as a self-employed person.

As your direct employer, we have these things under control.

  • We only work with verified clients – we choose them.
  • We only take projects for which the client can guarantee us a certain length.
  • We decide on the amount of your salary and we pay you directly and every week.
  • We take the risk that if the client does not pay us, you will always receive your payment.
  • We comply with all laws of the Dutch and Slovak parties, we pay all contributions for our employees, we always comply with the conditions set by the CAO and the NBBU – Dutch employment conditions.
  • We influence where you live. We handle this service separately. Fareon is looking for and paying for accommodation, renting stable houses, which we are furnishing with new furniture.


Send us your CV with a well-written practice – you always have e-mails with the advertisement, or use the central e-mail

If you don’t have a resume, just give us a call, your colleagues will testify and do the resume with you.

We will introduce you to the company, if the Dutch want to test you, surgery will come. We will send you the address of the accommodation, the address of work with specific information, contacts, times and instructions – we will be on the phone for you, in case of any questions. If you have a sudden situation when something happens before your trip, always call us – we can hold your place. In the case of sms, halali we will take it so that you are not interested, we will send someone else to your place and we will never send you a job offer again. We have heard so many children’s excuses that we know exactly when someone is making us a “back door” and when someone is introducing.

When you are there, our Dutch colleague will visit you, you will receive all administrative instructions and you will go “under the wings of our colleagues” in the administration, which will explain everything to you and guide you. You will receive an employment contract by e-mail when you are at work in NL and it is verified digitally, or you can come to Lipt. Mikuláš, where we will give it to you for inspection, we do not send our contract to anyone in advance by e-mail. Even in Slovakia, when you go for a job interview, no one will give you an employment contract – until you work, you are a job seeker, not an employee.

You will receive a guide where we will explain to you what our processes are, where there is useful information about life in the Netherlands, we will guide you through various situations …

You’re starting to work. We will often contact you by phone, email or in person in the Netherlands and you will never lose our support and service.


You must have real practice in the position you are interested in. There is no room for “learning” in the Netherlands. Maybe in other companies, but not in our country.

Every single professional must hold a VCA or SCC certificate. You can’t get into a good company without it. It’s a ticket to good projects. Who does not have it and wants to work in good companies – they have to invest in themselves – is in your name, valid for 10 years – we will not pay you. It can be done in Slovakia and the Netherlands.

We can help you with his equipment.

You should be prepared to move you from time to time – when the nature of the work and the project require it. Are you not willing to move here and there even though you do not know the situation with accommodation capacities in NL? We recommend not to travel at all in this mental setting.
We do not reimburse transport to the Netherlands and you arrange it yourself. Don’t expect to be 5 minutes away from work. We also have such accommodation, but they are rather an exception. Normally, the Dutch themselves go to work for over 90 km a day and do not consider it extraordinary. We always try to find accommodation up to 30 km from work – ie 60 km per day. There are projects where accommodation is simply not so close. We compensate the mileage to work and back to our accommodation.

You will be lost without your own car – we do not give company cars. We give good salaries. We’d rather give you money in your paycheck, as if we had to rent a car for 130 euros a week and deduct it from our salary. We don’t provide company cars also because we know from experience the approach “It’s not my car, it doesn’t bother me how I treat it” – that’s why you drive your own. Also, realize that if you don’t have your own and a colleague will take you, you become addicted and a contributor to the trip.

We have tours set in the vast majority of 5 worked and 1 week at home. Everyone announces the holiday to us in advance and it is binding – if someone breaks it and crosses the client’s planning and our accommodation planning, they must be aware that for a blocked room – which we pay for it, we will be forced to deduct the rental amount from his salary. If you adhere to the holiday dates, you live for free.

For the salaries we offer, we expect certification, independence, mobility, that you will have the basic hand tools needed for work and safety shoes. We will give you the power tools. Even work clothes after a certain amount of time. But coming to the project with your hands in your pockets, sneakers and jeans is not a sign of professionalism for us and for the Dutch at all.

Separate communication in English, or Dutch or German with the Dutch on the projects is necessary. A “I talk about robots” approach – you may survive for a while, but at the first opportunity the Dutch side will reject you first. That’s why we try to make couples where one speaks fluently and colleagues help each other.


Our accommodation, which we provide to you, meets all standards of certified authorities. As our employee, you have it for free. You live mostly in houses, in rare cases in apartments with several colleagues. Up to 98% of our employees have their own room (unit). Each accommodation has a shared bathroom, living room, equipped kitchen, washing machine and WiFi. The only thing we recommend for hygienic reasons is to wear your duvet covers. We understand that everyone needs their privacy, which is why a colleague who is looking for houses for rent for us is a Dutch woman – a former real estate agent – there is someone among us who knows and makes a tough selection of accommodation. He always takes pictures of the accommodation, makes a video of the inspection and then we approve whether we rent the house or not. At the moment we have 38 stable houses in long-term rent, where employees are accommodated without moving and we continue to rent further. Of course, for accommodation that we give you for free, you must accept our rules.


Yes, provided that you meet all the requirements of the law. You must be aware that not every project can be sent a self-employed person. If we have a project where self-employed people can work, it is stated in our advertisement.

As a self-employed person with us, you need to prove and you must have

  • Extract from the trade register not older than 3 months / translated into English /
  • Original portable document A1 for SZČO
  • Professional liability insurance for damage for at least EUR 100,000
  • VAT registration according to §7a of the VAT Act / as SZČO providing services abroad /
  • VAT / SK VAT
  • An extract from the criminal record not older than three months
  • Own tools for performing work on a given project abroad
  • You can use our accommodation, which will be invoiced to you weekly, or you can set up your own in the Netherlands
  • We recommend that everyone insure themselves before leaving
  • Invoicing with us is on a weekly basis with a maturity of 21 days


From the first day at work, all our employees are insured by a collective agreement in the Zorg en Zekerheid health center.

Life-threatening situations – call emergency 112.

Always no later than 6.30 am on a day when you are not going to work, you must first notify us so that we can inform the client you work with that you will be missing and why / either the company messenger or your contact person you have phone.

Any health problem that you do not normally know how to deal with is solved as follows.

  1. I find the nearest general practitioner – very easily by phone and
  • in the first column I fill in Huisarts / general practitioner /
  • in the second, where I find myself / city /
  • In the third I will fill in how many km from me I want a doctor

After confirmation, the system will show you the map, exact addresses and telephone numbers directly to the doctors. You must call, make an appointment and he will treat you or send you for a PROFESSIONAL examination, if he deems it appropriate – you will not get to the expert without his recommendation. It works like ours, first a district doctor, who will send you for a professional examination, if necessary.

  1. When you are already at the doctor’s, you always have to prove yourself with your OP + BSN number. If you do not already have it, your OP and BSN will be enough for you to find a doctor in the system as an insured person in Hollandzorg.
  2. If you are asked by the doctor to pay – pay and you can get a block or invoice overpaid within 5 days from the insurance company to your account. All you have to do is send us a notebook or an invoice to and we will send it to the insurance company for you.
  3. If you are ill and unable to work, you must send an e-mail to your report to by 9.00 am on the day you started illness later. Our back office will inform you about further procedures.


Yes we do. We will always repay your decency and fairness.

We realize that none of you see behind the “curtain” what we are doing so that you have everything you need and it is as it should be. But that does not mean that we will treat each other rudely. Mutual respect is what we build on. If someone doesn’t see the same way – we’d better end the cooperation or we’ll never start it. Who doesn’t give respect, don’t even expect it.